Magic: Beyond The Ghost Light

Magic: Beyond The Ghost Light


Breathing new magical life into the haunted theatre 

Interactive magic theater

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 The most unique theatrical experience ever!

What is the show about?

Beyond the Ghost Light is a magic show like no other….

Where the theatre itself plays an integral part in the show.

It’s been said that every theatre has at least one ghost and without exception....

Tradition holds that a single light is left centre stage each night to appease the spirits and allow them to perform one last time before dawn…this light is known as The Ghost Light.

What lies beyond the edge of the candle’s last flicker of light? What mysteries await in the realm of the shadows in the haunted world of the stage?

World renowned paranormalist Vince Johari and master magician Carlos David invite you to join them as they travel through the doorway to the other side and explore the amazing world Beyond the Ghost Light.

3 Fox Sisters Productions